Who are we? We are you.

We are the driving force behind your department’s reputation. Reformers, disrupters and brand guardians, with decades of experience in law enforcement community engagement, public relations and marketing.

We work EXCLUSIVELY with law enforcement agencies to develop community engagement programming, assess policy and cultivate media relations to advance community trust.

We strategically leverage a data-driven, progressive approach to drive your narrative, tell your story, allowing you to directly connect with your community.

We are a team of messengers, leaders, advisors, law enforcement officers, strategists, straight-shooters and truth merchants. We are your game changer. We are your PR lifeline.

We are THE LEADER in reform, communications, marketing and engagement support for law enforcement agencies.

Scope of Services

Crisis communications & Issues Management

When a police organization encounters an unforeseen crisis, the agency’s brand and community trust is vulnerable. Our team has managed some of the most high-profile international and local crises in law enforcement for more than decade. By helping you prepare a strategy for the unexpected and respond quickly when issues develop, we ultimately protect your department’s reputation and community trust.

Community Engagement Development & Analysis

The Lespra team develops customized community engagement programs that allow departments to advance legitimacy and trust. Our customized programming and analysis ensures that an agency’s actions reflect community values and incorporate the principles of procedural justice and legitimacy. Our strategic approach to community engagement development is the driving force behind measured deliverables and outcomes.

Media relations

How is your department’s brand perceived publicly? What is community saying about you? Is the media’s narrative accurate? We can help develop your strategy and hold journalists accountable and leverage their reach to amplify accurate information with context and perspective.

Media Training

Law enforcement can no longer avoid the media and hope the story goes away. Hope is not a strategy. By ignoring the press, we also ignore the very community we serve. Developing law enforcement professionals into effective communicators is our business and no one does it better than the Lespra team. Our customized on-camera coaching and development allows Law Enforcement to communicate strategically to their communities by leveraging media influence and reach.

Social Media Strategy Development & Analysis

Social Media is a powerful medium that allows law enforcement to directly engage with the community they serve. But there is a science and strategy required to optimize the power of social media. Our experts will customize a data driven strategy based on customized research and analysis to ensure you’re effectively leveraging the full potential of social media.

Marketing & Branding Development

Your brand establishes expectations. It sets the tone for what people think and how they react to your department. Design illustrates what your organization stands for and offers. From your logo to physical and digital materials as well as messaging, we establish a strong brand image that is streamlined across all channels of communication and will leave a lasting, strong and positive impression. Evaluating your marketing strategy and developing a plan to stand out in the marketplace is another way we can assist your organization.

Video Production

The power of video is impactful, and the use of video should be a major component of your communications strategy allowing your department to deliver your message to the community with impact. Our team of video production experts can help your department develop a plan to incorporate a video strategy in advancing your story-telling capacity.

Internal communications consultation

Delivering effective internal communications is just as critical as communicating externally. Frequently law enforcement organizations are moving so fast and making decisions so quickly that their own employees are often overlooked. The Lespra team can customize an internal communications strategy to suit the needs of your organization to ensure one of your most important audience are consistently provided situational awareness.

Streamlining structure, services, standards, processes, policies

Is your public affairs division strategically structured for success? Do you have the appropriate players in the right positions on your communications team to flourish? We can assess your team’s structure and capacity to ensure they’re operating efficiently. Our comprehensive assessment will review capacity, and deliverables to help your department ensure your communications team is operating efficiently.

Policy and Program Assessments

Our team conducts comprehensive assessments of agency policies, programs and strategies to ensure they align with community expectations and best practices. Our assessments are data-driven and involve action-oriented recommendations. Our team assists agencies through customized technical assistance in any area of policing, including problem identification, strategy development, organizational and policy issues, and operational assessments involving critical incident reviews.

We know law enforcement because we are law enforcement.

Lespra is law enforcement’s exclusive source in building community trust. With decades of experience in managing public relations for major city police departments on three continents, our customized, data-driven strategy is unrivaled.

It allows law enforcement agencies to advance their narrative, tell their story, with accountability, responsiveness and responsible transparency.

Whether it is crisis management, community engagement, media relations or capacity building, Lespra is law enforcement’s go to partner in strategic communications and marketing.

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